2014 Sheep Show
Thank You to the following sponsors for their generous support of our 2014 Sheep Show!

White Fine Wool Ram - Down Valley Farm
White Fine Wool Ewe - Wil - Hi Farm 
White Fine Best Fleece - Elmendorph Handspinners Guild

White Medium Wool
White Medium Ram - Donna Abbruzzese
White Medium Ewe - The Burnett Family 
White Medium Best Fleece - Pine Plains Tractor

White Long Wool 
White Long Wool Ram - Pitchfork Ranch 
White Long Wool Ewe - Southern Oregon Romneys 
White Long Best Fleece - Battenkill Fibers
Natural Colored Fine Wool 
Natural Colored Fine Ram - Bentley Vet Practice 
Natural Colored Fine Ewe - Bruno's Feeds 
Natural Colored Fine Best Fleece - Ugly dog's farm 

Natural Colored Medium Wool 
Natural Colored Medium Ram - Graeme & Sue Stewart 
Natural Colored Medium Ewe - The Drumm Family - Fox Hollow Farm 
Natural Colored Medium Best Fleece - Graeme & Sue Stewart

Natural Colored Long Wool
Natural Colored Long Wool Ram - Hope Hollow Corriedales - Trojanoski Family
Natural Colored Long Wool Ewe - Graeme & Sue Stewart 
Natural Colored Long Wool Best Fleece - Anchorage Farm 
White Supreme Ram - Larson Lincoln Longwools
White Supreme Ewe - Ewetopia Farm 
White Supreme Fleece Fleece - Mac's Farm & Garden World 
Natural Colored Supreme Ram - Little Hooves Romneys 
Natural Colored Supreme Ewe - Graeme & Sue Stewart 
Natural Colored Supreme Fleece - Smiling Sheep Farm 
Overall Supreme Fleece - Graeme & Sue Stewart 

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