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Currently, there is only a Featured Breed in the Competitions venue of the festival and no longer in the Sheep Shows. Previous years, we had featured breeds during sheep shows, sponsored by the breeder's association(s). Now the Competiions are the only ones with an annual Featured Breed.

The 2014 Featured Artwork is based on original artwork by Monica Cavanagh.


Monica CavanaghMy art interests began at an early age in Michigan where I was fortunate to receive a solid art foundation, especially in high school.  Since then, I discovered that my good drawing skills gave me the freedom and ability to pursue a variety of mediums. I enjoy using watercolors, especially with nature and animals as my favorite subject. Watercolor never ceases to amaze me.

The outcome is never quite like what I anticipated,  yet exciting to watch unfold.
I received my art education degree at Colorado State University and taught art in public schools. My interest now is teaching art to adults at Colorado State University. I teach  drawing, watercolors, pen and ink and colored pencil, to name a few.

While living in New Zealand from 2004-2008, I fell in love with the landscape and the ocean. Again, I taught art to adults and had the luxury of doing my own work in a beautiful environment.  I painted a variety of animals that lived around us and the sheep were my favorite. The watercolor of the sheep that was chosen for the Wool Festival was done in New Zealand. This particular sheep would manage to break through fencing and ended up under my window BAAAing away.  I got my camera and while "hanging" from the ledge, captured the image. It'll always be my favorite.

I'm grateful for the skills and the ongoing support of my husband and family. My goal is to continue to inspire and teach art to adults.


The Artwork Contest does not use or require use of this Featured Breed as is in the case of the Jacob's Ram in the 2013 artwork below.

2013 Competitions Featured Breed: Cheviot

The 2013 Featured Artwork is based on original artwork by Jerilyn Weber. 

Jerilyn Weber July, 2013
Fine Art Animal Portraits

Jerilyn Weber photoJerilyn Weber's love of animals and her understanding of the deep connection we have with them, have made her one of the most gifted animal portrait artists working today.

"I understand the importance an animal has in its owner's life and I am dedicated to making a painting of that animal the best it can be.  A portrait is not only a visual representation of our beloved companions, but also reflects the enduring love we have for them."
Working in pastels, Weber is able to capture not only the outward appearance of an animal, but also its distinct personality.  Her work is characterized by a rich palette and attention to detail.
Weber exhibits regularly and has received numerous awards for her work.  She has been a multiple first place winner in the New York Dog Fanciers art competitions and has been featured in such national publications as "Equine Vision Magazine", "Polo Players' Edition" and "Canine Images" magazine.  Her work may be found in private collections throughout the US, Canada and Europe.  She is a founding member of the New Jersey Equine Artists' Association.

We are currently accepting entries for our 2015 artwork contest.  If you are interested in entering, please see the details here.

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