"In and Out" Class

In 2016 we're happy to continue the "In and Out" class.
This year this class will be in the colored kid bucks​ class.
The regular colored kid buck class will be run as usual. 

In this class goats will be judged in full fleece as usual first, then sheared, the fleeces judged and finally the naked goat will be judged. The scores from all three stages of the competition will be combined to yield a winner and second and third place.

The 'In and Out' class will be limited to 6 goats and will be in addition to the regular class.
The first 6 yearling colored does that are entered in the 'In and Out ' class will be allowed to participate. First come - first served. To enter a Yearling colored doe in this class please note on the entry form (In and Out class) next to that Yearling colored doe info. 

There will be an additional fee of $18. per animal to enter this class.This covers $10 shearing fee for the festival shearer to shear the goat, and $8 entry fee.

The goats will participate as usual in the Yearling colored does class and their rank in that class compaired to the others in the 'In and Out' class will contribute that portion of their score.The shearing will be done by the designated festival shearer and take place after 5 pm on Saturday in goat barn. If you cannot be there please make sure it is clear to the shearer which goat or goats you are entering in this class.

On Sunday morning the judge will first judge the sheared fleeces and then judge the naked goats. The combination of the three scores will be used to determine the first second and third place goats. Any ties will be broken by the judges decision.

Please participate in this new class as interest in it will determine if we will be doing it again in future years.

NOTE: 2015 will be the last year that a paper application will be available. People are strongly encouraged to register through the "Blue Ribbon" on line application process. Next year all applications will be through the Blue Ribbon program.

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