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Judge Theresa Bergeron
13236 Crump Rd
Chesterville ON K0C 1H0

Born : Cornwall ON, 1951

BA:    life sciences 1972  Queen’s University, Kingston ON
MSc:  nutrition 1982   Guelph University, Guelph ON

1983: purchased first 4 Angora goats from Fred and Anna Moerhle, Hanover ON

           They had originally been purchased from the Pollock herd in NY in the 1970’s

1986: participated in an Angora goat and mohair grading course in Sonora TX

1987-1991 exported goats to the UK

1986-87: organized angora breeders across Canada to ship mohair on the world market and trained the wool grader at the Canadian Co-op Wool Growers to grade mohair

1988-89: lobbied the provincial government to have goats recognized as LIVESTOCK, not 

                 Pets and put on the Red Meat Plan ….which came into effect in 1989 for 5 years.  I      

                 Became one of the 4 advisors

1989: elected director of the Can Goat Society for 3 two year terms

1990: member of Royal Winter Fair Goat Show Committee, Toronto ON

1990: started working on mohair socks which developed into “Thermohair Inc” still in     

           operation today shipping socks across Canada into the US, Japan and Sweden 

1990, 93, 94: premier breeder and exhibitor awards at the Royal Winter Fair.  The show was        discontinued in the late 90’s

Have given seminars on Angora Goats and mohair in ON, NS (nova scotia), Alberta and Massachussetts    

1997: judged Fiberfest Michigan

1998: was chosen as one of Canada’s top 10 entrepreneurial women by the Women’s Television Network   (WTN) aired under Success Inc

1999 and 2003: was featured  on CBC Venture. The episode was one of the top 3 favourites of the year.

2015: judged Angora goats and mohair fleeces at Rhinebeck Fibrefest  in NY State

2019: chosen as the only fibre goat breeder (4 others representing meat and dairy) to revise the 2003 Canadian Goat Code of Practice, the go to manual for goat breeders and processors across Canada. We have been given a 2 year time frame.