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Alert!  N Y   B R E D   E W E   S A L E  - Cancelled for 2023

Welcome! Please read the RULES and scroll to the bottom for registration link.

Consignors: As a consignor, you are responsible for the costs incurred in the preparation and transportation of your sheep, feed and bedding at the sale. You are responsible for the cost of transfer fees that will be deducted from the sale settlement. The selling of sheep in a sale constitutes a contract between the buyer and the seller. We will give you all possible assistance in collecting for sheep purchased in a given sale. No commission will be charged on sheep that are not yet paid for, thus, we do not get paid until you get paid.

Settlement checks will be mailed 21 days following the sale.

Settlement checks are issued in the name as listed on the entry form. One check is issued per consignor. Any
infraction of any of these rules and conditions may bar the consignor from future DCSWGA sales.


Sale Entries use the following method: Online entries- Blue Ribbon sales entries. Official online submission is the only electronic entries that will be accepted.

  1. Emailed entries of any other form or format will not be accepted.
  2. Telephone entries will not be accepted. DCSWGA takes no responsibility for entries not received and reserves the right to refuse any entries submitted. If you have any questions, please contact one of our qualified sale management staff who will be happy to assist you.

Registration Papers: All animals in all classes except those entered as Crossbred & Unregistered, Club
Lamb or Wether, must have a valid registration paper issued by a recognized breed registry association.
Any animal sold in a purebred breed division must be accompanied by a registration paper. All lambs sold at the mother’s side must have either a registration paper or a completed application for registry. For each animal with an “Application for Registry” that is received the consignor will be assessed a $5.00 processing fee.

In the case of lambs sold at the mother’s side this fee will be waived. Any ewe that is sold as exposed or bred at the time of sale must be accompanied by a breeding certificate. All registration papers are to be turned in to DCSWGA at sale check-in. These registration papers will be transferred and forwarded to the buyers. Cost of transfers will be deducted from consignor settlements.

Percentage Registered Suffolks: Any Suffolk recorded in the United Suffolk Sheep Association Percentage Registration Program will not be permitted to enter a purebred breed division until such time as the animal has reached 15/16 level of purity as noted on the registration paper. Percentage animals will be allowed only at sales that have a division for crossbred / unregistered animals. If the consignor wishes the percentage registration to be transferred to the new owner that will be handled in the same manner as all other registration papers. All percentage animals must be so designated when entries are made and at check in.

Southdown Applications for Registry: The American Southdown Association requires an additional fee of $25.00 for each Southdown application presented at the sale. This fee will be deducted from the consignor settlement and forwarded to the American Southdown Association.

Late Registration Paper Policy: All original registration papers are to be turned in at sale check in. For any original papers that are not in the possession of DCSWGA within 10 days of the sale, there is a $25.00 Late Fee per Registration Paper. For any original paper not in the possession of DCSWGA within 21 days of the sale the late fee will be increased to $50.00 per registration paper. All late fees will be deducted from the consignor settlements. Please get your paper work done early to avoid any late fees.

No Settlement checks will be mailed following the sale until all registry work is completed.

Health Papers: Health paper regulations vary widely from state to state and may change at any time without notice. As a consignor, please take the responsibility to insure all required information is complete and legible. It is your responsibility to provide the sale manager clear and legible copies. Please contact your local or state veterinarian to insure accuracy when your health papers are written. The general rule is that all health papers must be issued within 30 days of the sale and that you provide two copies for each animal. (3 sheep = 6 copies).

Multiple animals may be listed on the same paper but you will need to bring enough photocopies. A Federal Scrapie ID Tag must be in each animal’s ear. This applies to all animals in all classes. Promoting The Betterment Of The Entire Sheep Industry
This is the minimum list of requirements and must be legibly written or typed on all health papers:

  1. Owner or consignor name address
  2. Species purpose of movement
  3. Private flock tag number
  4. Federal Scrapie ID number (must include premise ID and individual tag number)
    NOTE: Both the private flock number and the scrapie tag number must be listed.
  5. Age, sex, and breed of each animal
  6. Signature and printed name, address and phone number of accredited veterinarian.

Non-Sale Animals: NO non-sale animals can be unloaded in the sale facilities. Transit animals must remain on trailers unless otherwise allowed at a specific sale facility. These animals must be accompanied by valid health certificates.

DNA Test Results: Some sales have specific DNA disclosure requirements. Please refer to individual sale rules for those requirements. DCSWGA believes that DNA test results can be a useful tool for both consignors and prospective buyers. Space is available on the entry forms if this information is known at the time entries are made. DCSWGA shall not assume any liability, legal or otherwise, expressed or implied as it relates to this information.

Southdown Specific DNA policy: All Southdowns consigned and sold must be warranted by the seller as either genotype QR or RR (at Codon 171) and NN, a non-carrier of hereditary chondrodysplasia (spider syndrome) and a non-carrier of Ectodermal Dysplasia (Hairy Lamb Syndrome). All registered Southdowns must meet these conditions and this information provided at the time of paper check-in prior to the start of the show. DNA test results are not required and consignors may declare and guarantee the genotype of their entries based solely on pedigree DCSWGA will not print DNA results on the sale order unless it is an ASBA sanctioned sale or a requirement of the specific sale.

Printing of DNA results: Consignors will be notified in entry information and rules for any sale where DNA reporting is a requirement and will be printed on sale orders. At these sales, only Codon 171 and Spider Syndrome (as required above) will be reported on the sale order. Only standard DNA letter combinations will be printed. There are no variations or non-standard abbreviations used. For those that test other Codons (154 or 136), these results will not be reported on the sale orders. You may include that information on entry forms for cataloging purposes. Space is available on the entry forms if this information is known at the time entries are made. We suggest that all consignors post DNA results on stall cards at the pens so that this information can be made available to prospective buyers.

Sale Guarantee: Entry of animals in any sale implies that the consignor agrees to conditions as set forth for that sale. The selling of any animal through the sale constitutes a contract between the buyer and the seller. All consignors agree that all sheep (except club lambs) are guaranteed breeders. All lambs sold must maintain their lamb teeth 12 months from their date of birth, as recorded on their registration paper.

Floor Bid, Sifting No Sales: Most sales have a minimum bid that will be accepted listed in the individual rules and regulations. Animals failing to receive these bids will be “NO SALES”. If you wish to place a higher hold bid on your animals, please talk to us at check in. Animals may be sifted for soundness or quality defects. No entry fees can be returned on animals sifted from the sale or for animals that fail to get in the sale for various other reasons. All animals that are taken out of the sale ring as a “No Sale” will have the full percentage of commission and fees charged against them based on the “No Sale” price. No animal that is sifted or a “No Sale” through the ring may later be sold from the pens or on the sale facility grounds as a private sale. All animals checked-in for the show must show in the show and all animals shown but not sifted must pass through the sale ring.

Late Entries: DCSWGA will accept late entries. Entries received by the deadline date as listed on the entry form will be in the catalog. For all entries received after the deadline date and before the catalog is printed, DCSWGA will
make every attempt to include these in the catalog. All entries that are received after the catalog is printed including entries made sale day will be considered late entries. Each consignor with late entries will be assessed a $25.00 late consignor fee regardless of the number of entries. A consignor who has entries in the catalog and then later adds additional animals will not be assessed this fee.

Substitutions: Substitutions of sheep in this sale, in the interest of improving quality are allowed. Substitutions need
not be within class.

Alert!  N Y   B R E D   E W E   S A L E  - Cancelled for 2023


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