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Page Last Updated: 30-Jul-20

Tips and Tricks for Making Vendor Picks

  • Our Sched site is embedded on this page, with many features. To search for Vendors, you need to click the word "Search" from the menu below to open a window to put in your own keywords to search specific products by name or type. The Search field present below won't do that, it only searches people and schedule. 
    A Search for "lace" shows vendors and workshops with that word. Search for "New in 2019" or "FOOD" and you'll find those words in the Vendor Titles and/or Descriptions. Success depends also on how clever the vendors are in their keywords added in their descriptions... Pelt has different results than sheepskin, for example.
  • Not all food vendors are listed here. Also see this list of Bldg E's long list of Specialty Food Vendors 
  • "Self-raised" is our keyword to describe vendors who raise their own fiber from their own animals, so you can easily find the family farms. 
  • "Complete Farm Product" means the fiber was raised, spun and made into whatever product, all without leaving the farm. Is your vendor listing missing from this list? Contact us.
  • ALSO, try this unpublished link to see an alpha list of Vendors with Descriptions on same page. Easier to print and CTRL-F to Find keywords. Note it's paginated, so scroll to the bottom to see more. http://2019nysheepandwoolfest.sched.com/directory/exhibitors/descriptions
  • Vendor List sorted Alpha by Vendor and By Building (Google Sheets)
  • Data is updated frequently. We will tweet an announcement when we're finished updating Vendor listings, or adding new schedule items.
    Option A provides Vendor descriptions listed to print as web pages, but you need to paginate at the bottom of the 3 web pages to print the complete list, print pg 1, scroll to bottom and click 2, print page 2, scroll and click 3 and print page 3
    Option B: PDF download of just the spreadsheets (23 pages landscape, coming soon) 

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