Hi and thank you for thinking of us!

2024 Dates:  Thursday, October 17 - Sunday, October 20.

Submissions must be received by January 15, 2024, but it's nice not being inundated at the last minute.  


We look  for instructors with broad appeal in teaching fiber-related arts (traditional or innovative) and we’re open to “fiber adjacent” workshops, too! 

If you have a relationship with companies who may wish to sponsor, wholly or in part, your workshop, travel, and/or supplies let us know in a separate email to workshops@sheepandwool.com.  

While not a hard and fast rule, we try to keep costs down and give preference to instructors living in the eastern portion of the country.

Please do not submit proposals that are under development.  


Things to note before submitting proposals: 

 * Instructors must be eligible to work in the U.S.  We do not have the resources to aid in obtaining work VISAs.

* We answer emails within  two business days and expect the same.  Emails come from either workshops@sheepandwool.com or nysswworkshops@gmail.com 

* Check spam regularly.

* Class size should be between 10-15 students.  Exceptions can be considered.

* Instructors collect their own material fees - there will be a spot on the form to indicate your preference.

*You’ll need to submit photos of your work - no more than 999k in size to workshops@sheepandwool.com.  Name your work as follows:  LastName-WorkshopTitle1, LastName-WorkshopTitle2, etc.

* Thursday and Friday workshops are either 3 hours,  6 hours, or multi-day. Classes begin at 9am or 1pm.  There is a one hour break from noon to 1pm.  There is one fairgrounds vendor open while vendors set up before the Festival opens to the public on Saturday.

* Saturday workshops are usually 3 hours or 6 hours in length, but 4 hour workshops may be considered.  Classes begin at 10am or 2pm, with a one hour break from 1pm to 2pm.

* Sunday workshops are either 2, 3, 4, and possibly 5 hours in length.  Classes begin at 10:00.


Environment (It’s not for everyone and that’s okay!):

* Classrooms are not traditional classrooms - workshops are held in an open building divided by curtains and piping. It is impossible to regulate sound.  Some instructors/students find it frustrating when their neighbor has a loud (or soft) voice.

* If selected, you’ll want to dress in layers!  You never know what October will bring from one minute to the next. We bring in large commercial heaters which add to the  sound level.  

* Workshops requiring water are held outside in heated tents, but due to space limitations, other types of classes can be held in tents, as well.  

* Building D has very little natural light.  Overhead lighting is fluorescent - we encourage students to bring battery operated lights, if necessary.



* Instructors are NOT permitted to sell leftover fiber, materials, or equipment in the classroom.  Students can be referred  to your website or to a vendor, but  selling directly to students in the classroom is prohibited. 

* Instructors receive e-tickets for the days they teach (no e-tickets required for Thurs./Fri. workshops.) 

* Tickets must be purchased for assistants for weekend admission.  

* No visitors to the Workshop area, even for just a few minutes.   

* The Festival reserves the right to cancel any accepted proposal for similar classes being offered online or within 120 miles of said festival  within a period of 3 months before and 3 months after the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival.  As we share many of the same registrants as Ply Away,  MDSW, and SAFF,  avoid duplication with those events regardless of the time frame. 

* The Festival doesn't reserve blocks of rooms or arrange travel, so if you're selected, it's best to have your lodging and travel plans made well in advance.

If we believe your workshops may be of interest, we'll be in touch to discuss details, *including compensation*.  Final decisions will be made by March 15, 2024 by email.  

If your proposal is accepted, a 600x600 pixel headshot will be required for the website.

Questions should be directed to the Workshop Manager, Karen Santucci, at workshops@sheepandwool.com.


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