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10-12-18: E-tickets have been sent out. If you haven't received them, please send a note to

NYS Sheep and Wool Festival WORKSHOPS List



Thank you for joining us this year. It's going to be fantastic.
Important: DO NOT wait until the last week to contact us with e-Ticket issues, “I forgot which class I’m taking,”  “I never got a confirmation,” or other Workshop-related questions. Time is at a premium from October 15 through the Festival  - review workshop website, this logistics information, and spam before sending emails to us.  Your email may not be answered as quickly as you need (and will be probably be just a word or two).  Email instructors with questions relating to content of workshop - they cannot assist you with logistics. Sending a Facebook/Ravelry message or to other Festival email addresses will not get a quicker answer.

DO NOT wait until the last week to contact us. 


Thursday/Friday workshops The Fairgrounds Cafe (menu attached) will be the only food vendor open on Thursday/Friday.  There is also a variety of local restaurants just a short drive away.


  • Registered before 10/9/18: E-tickets will be emailed to the Attendee's email address beginning, in batches, starting Monday, 10/9/18. If you registered another person using your email address as attendee, their e-tickets will be sent to you.

  • Registering after 10/9/18: - Your name - NO TICKETS - will be on a list at both the Mulberry St Pedestrian Gate and the 4H Gate ONLY.

  • Remember:

    • 3+ hour long workshop - receive two e-tickets (Sat. and Sun.)

    • Less than 3-hr workshop - receive a single ticket for the day of class only. (1 e-ticket)

  • Print the e-ticket as soon as you receive it, using Chrome or Firefox (not Safari). This barcoded ticket must be presented at the gate for admission (unless you registered after deadline). You can also enter your cell # after you enter your email address to get the e-tickets. That also sends it to your cell phone (data plan required)

  • No matter how many workshops you're taking, you get a max. of 2 e-tickets. Tickets are not replaceable.

Workshops are held in Bldg "D," the Tent Area (41) next to D, Bldg  42 (all on the map in blue). See more info below for Thurs/Fri workshops and Sat/Sun workshops.


  • Dress in layers and choose footwear wisely - "floors" in tents are usually blacktop/concrete. Remember, any class can be held in a tent due to space restrictions.
  • Building D has two industrial propane heaters and Tents have patio propane heaters.

  • Chairs in Building D workshops have lightly padded seats, chairs in tents have no padding; bring a comfortable chair or cushion from home if you'd like. 

  • Need task lighting?  Bring a battery operated light with you..

  • Bringing an e-spinner?  Pack an extension cord.

  • Coffee, tea, water and snack-y things will be available throughout each day for students and instructors thanks to the generosity of several sponsors. Using a reusable cup helps reduce waste..

  • Restrooms are a short walk away.  There is no dedicated restroom for workshops.

You must check-in in Bldg D (accessed through Bldg C) prior to your first class.  You'll get one irreplaceable lapel button - your "ID badge" to workshop areas. Allow plenty of time for check-in, to find your class, and grab a cup of coffee or tea before heading to class.  Taking more than one class?  You only have to check-in once.

Pre-ordered souvenirs, with receipt, will be available for pickup in Bldg D, if and only if, you selected WORKSHOPS as your pickup location when you ordered. Otherwise, go to where you chose as your pickup location on your receipt.


  • Fairgrounds open by 8:00 am each day, Workshops begin at 9:00 am.

  • NO ticket needed to enter the grounds on Thursday or Friday.

  • Drive through the Mulberry St. Gate and park in the oval track (or use the adjacent parking lot and access the grounds through the Mulberry St. Gate).  If you end up in the big grassy area via the North Entrance gate, turn around, make a left on Rte 9 and go to the Mulberry St. Gate which is closer and more convenient.

  • You may park, temporarily, in front of Building D or near the Tent Area to load/unload supplies.


We strongly recommend bringing hand carts/wagons if you have equipment to bring to classes.

Fairgrounds open by 9:00 AM, Workshops start at 10:00 AM.

Parking: See map below. You may park in any parking lot, but the Mulberry Street "first come, first served" lot is closest to the workshop area.

Handicapped parking is available at the Welcome Center Gate #1, 4H Gate #2, and Mulberry St Lot. All other parking will be in the general parking areas for the festival.

If you absolutely have to drive onto the festival grounds, contact me prior to 10/7/18 and, if approved, a mirror hang tag will be provided. This allows you driving access to the grounds prior to 8:30 am through one entrance only - the  North Entrance gate - to drop off your supplies/equipment.  The car then must be removed to  general parking areas . Vehicles found inside Festival grounds after 8:30 am will be towed. You must contact me for permission.


This Festival is run by a devoted network of volunteers. Kindness is much appreciated. Many of us wear multiple hats before, during, and after the Festival. Consider donating your time for future Festivals.

Late for class? It happens. It's your responsibility to catch up and you may have to finish on your own.

Instructors are not allowed to sell to students in the classroom and vendors are not allowed to sell, contractually, before the Festival opens at 9:00 am Saturday or Sunday.  Please don't ask them to do so.

You may NOT record, in any way, any portion of any workshop without express permission of instructor.  No photos/recordings of techniques can be uploaded to social media.

Please be considerate of your fellow students - infants/babies/children/families/best friends/significant others/visitors are not allowed in classrooms, even to visit or to see if class is finished.
Bring headphones if you like music while you're working.

Any changes to this information will be posted at
Announcements will be posted on our websiteFacebook page, and Twitter (@nysheepwool

BABY BLANKET COLLECTION:  We will be collecting baby blankets for Vassar NICU - blankets should be cuddly soft and washable, size can vary, but keep them preemie and infant sized please.  Please drop off (Building D) through Sunday,  10/21/18, by noon.

We will also be collecting hats, scarves, mittens, and travel sized soaps, shampoos, etc. for teens for Family of Woodstock.  Please drop off (Building D) through Saturday, 10/20/18, by 3:00 pm.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Karen Santucci
Workshop Coordinator
2016 NYS Sheep and Wool Festival

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