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Adult & Junior Contests

Page Last Updated: 28-Sep-16

What You Will See


Best in Show Prize:
$300.00 ADULT Contest
$100.00 JUNIOR Contest

Entry Fees: 
Children 11 and under - no entry fee

Age 12 and up - $1.00 per entry - pre-register

Pre -register photos by downloading form and mailing to:

Susan Fowler Gallagher
234 Hollow Road
Stattsburg, NY 12580


Make checks payable: DCSWGA
(Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Growers Assn)


1.  Contest is open to Amateurs Only.

2.  All photos must be matted and, if possible, in white mats.  Mats may have an interior border.  No photos with GLASS will be accepted.

3.  Photographs must be taken by entrant.

4.  Entries must be received FRIDAY, October 14, 2016  from 1pm-6pm at Building E.   Entrant will attach label on back of picture showing Title;  Entrant Name, Address and Telephone Number, email if applicable and  Category being entered.

Entries may also be mailed and received by Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

5.  No more than 5 photos from any one entrant.  (The five photos can be in one category or split between the categories, but no more than five in total.)

6.  Picture Size: No larger than 8 X 12. and should be on WHITE MAT.

7. CD of photographs entered MUST accompany submissions. Submission of a photograph for this contest implies that the participant agrees that photo may be used on the Association's website and possibly in print material that depicts winning photographs or participants in general in direct relation to promoting the photo contest.  CD must just be of the images entered with the titles and name of the person submitting under each image.

cd's should have entrants name on itand the images on the cd should be titled either on the paper or plastic folder for the cd or on the cd itself

8. Photos will remain on display until 4:00PM Sunday of the festival weekend. Participants must come to Building E to claim their photographs after 5:00PM, Sunday of the festival weekend.  If you are unable to claim your entry at the close of the show on Sunday, please bring a self address, postage paid and insured  envelope so we may return your photograph(s). All photographs NOT claimed by 5:00PM Sunday, or those without the proper return envelope and postage, will become the property of DCSWGA.


Junior Photography (age 17 and Under)

40 - People
41 - Animals
42 - Scenes
43 -  Sheep and Wool Connection           

Adult Photography (18 and over)

50 - People
51 - Animals
52 - Scenes
53 - Sheep and Wool Connection

Instead of submitting a CD per Rule #7 and using a PDF form in the mail, you can now ENTER ONLINE HERE
You will still need to print, mount and drop off your work for display in order to compete as per Rule #2.

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