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Our festival started out as a bred ewe sale by the local shepherds back around 1980. Like all fertile ideas, it has blossomed into what you read about now in the New York Times.

You probably have tales to tell about the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival. Add them to the wikipedia entry. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_State_Sheep_and_Wool_Festival and look at the History Gallery.

People have Yelped too!

History Gallery

Take a ride down memory lane!

2022 Event Sched

A snapshot of 2022's festival hosted on Sched.com

Breed Talks 2020 Videos (Learn all about Sheep Breeds)

Learn all about Sheep Breeds! For 2020's virtual festival, our shepherds created Breed Talk videos.

2020 Event Virtual

A snapshot of 2020's festival, which was virtual only due to the COVID-19 viral pandemic.

2019 Event Sched

A snapshot of 2019's festival hosted on Sched.com

2018 Event Sched

A snapshot of 2018's festival hosted on Sched.com

2017 Event Sched

A snapshot of 2017's festival hosted on Sched.com

Vendor List 2017

View the searchable list of Vendors, read descriptions of their offerings.

2016 Event Sched

A snapshot of 2016's festival hosted on Sched.com

2015 Event Sched

A snapshot of 2015's festival hosted on Sched.com

2014 Event Sched

A snapshot of 2014's festival hosted on Sched.com

Next Fest: October 19-20, 2024