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NOTE: We’re having issues with our Festival Facebook page, very disappointing. See below for the problem, maybe you can help...

Help us spread the word - we will be holding virtual workshops for 2020.  Since physical space is no longer a limitation, we would like to have more proposals for fiber-related, 1-hour lectures or demos and 2-hour workshops from instructors (US based) who have some experience with online teaching.  

If you’re comfortable with teaching online the sky is the limit - washing and prepping fleeces, ice or solar dyeing, sheep shearing, knitting/crochet techniques or tips are just a few examples. We expect to have integrations for Zoom and other embedded video options to share with learners. 

Despite being apart this year, we hope that our event's popularity and reach will draw in oodles of fresh faces and inspire massive Beginner classes to nurture brand new fiber crafters and teachers to come out of the woodwork and connect at our virtual event. 

Apply by August 15, 2020 2020-virtual-workshop-proposal-submission-form/


FACEBOOK PROBLEM: We have a Facebook Page, and FB demands to know our location/region in order to unlock our ability to Post to the page. This is a new audit they're doing to authenticate Page owners that have large audiences and anyone using social or political ads. The problem is their App is broken. We can't update our address, when we try to update the location using Location Services on the mobile device, it doesn't work and dumps us back on the "in progress" status for updating our Location/Region. Is anyone else with a big Facebook following having the same problem? We're very disabled without this important social networking feature. And we don't have Mark's cell phone to get any tech support..;-P    If you know how to reach Facebook to get us some support, we'd really appreciate it. -