Judging Criteria & Rules

Judging Criteria & Rules

Judging Criteria:  Judging is private and decisions are final

  • Appropriateness to contestant's lifestyle
  • Coordination of fabric/yarn with garment style and design
  • Contestant's presentation
  • Construction quality
  • Creativity

How can I be certain my fabrics/yarns are wool, (since many products are mislabeled)?

Send a swatch prior to making your garment to the state director, Meegan Veeder Shave, with $5 and it will be sent to a lab for testing and the results will be forwarded to you.  These results will also cover you for the competition, provided that you use the same fabric. Fabric sample for testing should be 5″x 5″ and yarn samples should be 36 inches long. Reserve fabric for these tests.  Contact your state director for more information. 

Garment may be sewn, knitted (by hand or knitting machine), crocheted, or felted from fiber of 100% wool or wool blend (minimum 60% wool or specialty wool fiber) for each fashion fabric or yarn used.

Also, it can be sewn from sheep's hide.

Specialty wool fibers include mohair, cashmere, alpaca, camel, and llama. Trims, facings, linings, interfacings and underlinings may be fabrics other than wool or wool blends.

There will also be a modeling session, time will be posted at check in desk.

The garment must have been completed after January 1, 2018

The contest is divided into three parts:

  1.  garments judged off the contestant
  2.  garments judged on the contestant
  3.  modeling the outfit (fashion show)
Five Divisions

Five divisions:  Age as of Jan. 1, 2018                                                               

  • Pre-teens, age 12 and under- can make a dress, jumper, skirt, vest, shirt, sweater or combination of garments

Juniors, Seniors and Adults need to make A COMPLETE OUTFIT to be considered for nationals. (Any combination of garments to make a complete outfit or a coat can be considered)

  • Juniors, ages 13-16
  • Senior, ages 17-24
  • Adult age 25 years and older
  • Made for others (any age) - must be worn by the person for whom the garment is intended

Garment fabric/fiber must test out at 60% or more wool. Testing sample must be sent to NYS MIWW Director by October 1, 2018. See below.

Entry Form, Contact & Sponsors

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