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Workshop Info

Date: Thursday, October 13, 2022
Time:9:00 - 4:00
Instructor:Jaya Srikrishnan
Design Your Own Raglan

Ever have trouble finding the pattern you like in the size you need at the gauge you are getting? Ever struggle to match a designer's gauge and wonder how the sweater will fit? Ever have trouble finding a pattern in your size that appeals to you? Look no further!

In this workshop we will explore how to design your own raglan sweater and customize it to fit you, in your gauge, and with the design elements you want. You will leave with all the knowledge to determine the pattern and the knit the sweater you want.

This workshop has been sponsored by Briar Rose Fibers.

Skill Level Required: Advanced knitters. Students must have knit a raglan sweater. They also need to come in with their measurements for a sweater - either derived from an existing sweater or from measuring their body.

Homework: A completed 6"x6" gauge swatch in the yarn for the sweater they wish to design. Swatch should have been washed and patted down flat to dry. Take measurements from an existing sweater or body for the sweater they wish to design.

Please email instructor with questions about workshop content:

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Materials Info

There is no material fee associated with this workshop.  Yarn has been provided by Briar Rose Fibers.

Students must bring:  Completed swatch, calculator, pen and paper for notes, needles and yarn used to make the swatch, measuring tape, and any design elements they wish to incorporate into their sweaters.

If time permits we will start knitting the sweater to get an idea of how to shape the neck and start the raglan shaping. This is likely to be a sample but bring yarn and needles so that we can do this if there is time.

We also suggest bringing a battery operated light should you need additional lighting.

Seats Remaining 2
Workshop Fee $115.00


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