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Date: Thursday, October 13, 2022
Time:9:00 - 4:00
Instructor:Alanna Wilcox
Mastering Consistency in Handspinning - SOLD OUT

Are you able to spin a continuous yarn but find it difficult to spin consistently? This workshop will break down all the elements of a consistently spun yarn that includes drafting styles, fiber preparation, and understanding twist. You will leave more confident in spinning any type of weight of yarn more evenly and consistently as well as how to maintain consistency when spinning over several sessions for a project's worth of yarn.

The skills covered in this workshop include:  
  • drafting methods (to help improve consistency)
  • understanding the difference between woolen and worsted fiber preparations (and how that impacts consistency)
  • understanding how to observe twist angle and how it influences the consistency in the yarn being spun
  • understanding terms like twists per inch and wraps per inch 
  • how to make a spinner's control card 

Skill Level Required:  Advanced beginner - you should be able to spin a continuous yarn, but not necessarily consistently.

Spindlers are welcome, however, the focus will be geared more towards wheel/e-spinners, but the concepts taught are transferable no matter the tool choice used for the yarn construction. 

Homework: n/a

Please email instructor with questions about workshop content:

Note:  Images are a representation of the workshop project.  

Materials Info

There is a material fee of $18 which is included in the registration fee.  

It includes: handouts and fiber to spin.

Students must bring:

working wheel (electric spinners welcome) Spinning wheel oil Lazy kate (tensioned is preferred) 3 empty bobbins with leader

We also suggest bringing a battery operated light should you need additional lighting.


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Workshop Fee $145.00


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