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Workshop Info

Date: Friday, October 18, 2019
Time:9:00 - 4:00
Instructor:Alanna Wilcox
Planning & Spinning for a Sweater - SOLD OUT

This workshop focuses on picking a sweater project and how to spin the desired yarn for it. Fiber choices will be discussed, drafting, spinning, and plying techniques will also be the focus to help the students achieve the yarn they want. Other technical aspects of spinning such as WPI (wraps per inch), TPI (twists per inch), grist and how to calculate the amount of fiber needed will also be discussed. There will be time to spin fiber and create a swatch from the resulting yarns.

Prerequisites: Students should know how to spin a continuous yarn on a wheel, how to ply from 2 bobbins, and how to knit. 

Email with questions regarding class content.

Materials Info

There is a $15 material fee included in the price of registration.  It includes:  fiber and materials to use for class samples and handouts.

Students must bring:  

2oz of wool they would like to use for a sweater to create a swatch with (optional)
A project pattern (optional)
A commercial yarn that the above pattern calls for (optional)
Knitting needles in a size suitable for desired project to do a swatch
Niddy noddy
working wheel
spinning wheel oil
tensioned lazy kate
3-4 empty bobbins with leader

Seats Remaining 0
Workshop Fee $135.00


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