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Date: Saturday, October 15, 2022
Time:10:00 - 1:00
Instructor:Jaya Srikrishnan
Shorten Your Floats! - SOLD OUT

Have you ever wondered what to do about those long floats in some stranded knitting patterns? The ones that go on sometimes for 10, 11, even 15 sts. Should you twist your yarns together? Should you not twist?

In this class you will learn a new technique that eliminates the problem completely. Come and learn how and simplify your stranded knitting. In the process of learning this technique, you will also have a coffee cozy to add to your collection of coffee cups.

Skill Level Required: Intermediate knitters. Students must have experience with stranded knitting, double knitting and two-handed knitting experience will be helpful. Must be able to knit in the round using magic loop, dpns or two circulars. Must be able to read a chart.

Homework: Gauge doesn’t really matter but a very tight or a very loose gauge will be problematic. A tight knitter should use a larger sized needle and a loose knitter should use a smaller size.

CO 32 sts using MC (one of the two yarns included in the materials info). Using the magic loop technique, join into a circle being careful not to twist. (Optional: place a stitch marker to indicate the Beg of Round or BOR)

Work 3 rounds in 1x1 ribbing as follows: Round 1: *K1, p1*, repeat from * to * to end

Repeat Round 1 two more times for a total of 3 rounds

Bring to class without cutting the yarn

Please email instructor with questions about workshop content:

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Materials Info

There is no material fee associated with this workshop.

Students must bring: 

2 colors of worsted weight knitting yarn - partial skeins are acceptable as long as there is at least 50 gms of yarn in each skein - a strong difference in value (lightness or darkness) between the colors is essential.

Completed homework, Dpns, two circulars of the same size, or a long circular for magic loop of a size appropriate for the yarn (US6-8) depending on how loose or tight a knitter the student is. Pen and paper for taking notes, scissors, stitch markers. and other knitting notions.

We also suggest bringing a battery operated light should you need additional lighting.


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Workshop Fee $80.00


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