WORKSHOPS: Thurs., Oct. 17 - Sun., Oct. 20, 2024



Workshop Info

Date: Saturday, October 19, 2024
Time:10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Instructor:Heavenly Bresser

No more stress! Join us as we tackle ply techniques on the spinning wheel. Learn how to establish and maintain a smooth rhythm while chain plying. Explore ways to ply from a center-pull ball for better control and fewer tangles.

We will also discuss what makes for a truly balanced yarn, how to intentionally spin an "off" balance yarn and the many reasons you might want to do so. Finally, we'll take a look at additional tools for your future plying endeavors. Are you ready? Let's ply!


PREREQUISITE:  Should have some basic plying experience with 2 or 3 ply yarn.

HOMEWORK:  Prior to class, spin two samples of singles yarn, approx. 1.0 ounces each, your choice of fiber. Samples may be spun on a wheel, e-spinner, or spindles. These samples will need a lazy Kate/spindle Kate/equivalent for plying.

Spin a third sample of approximately one ounce of your choice of fiber. Use a ball winder to turn sample into a ball (cake). This will give you visible access to the start of your singles yarn located at the center of the ball as well as the end of your singles yarn, which will be wrapped around the outside of the ball.

Please note: All samples should be spun at least 48 hours prior to class session.


NOTE: Images are a representation of the workshop project. 



Materials Info


STUDENTS MUST BRING:  Spinning wheel in working order (e-spinners with battery packs are welcome), at least one empty bobbin for plying, handspun samples on bobbins or spindles (see homework notes), lazy kate or equivalent

We also suggest bringing a battery operated light should you need additional lighting.


NOTEThere is no onsite ATM on Thursday and Friday. 


Seats Remaining 9
Workshop Fee $85.00



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