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Date: Thursday, October 13, 2022
Time:9:00 - 4:00
Instructor:Vicki Twigg
Twigg Stitch Technique and Scarf: Two-Color Knitting with a Twist

Come and join us as we explore the world of Twigg stitch - a great place for the adventurous knitter. We will spend plenty of our time together learning the basic technique. The key to knitting Twigg stitch is in how you hold and use the yarns (you do need to control both at the same time), so we will cover various different ways of doing this.

When you are ready we can discuss any aspect of the knitting you are interested in, i.e. Increases and decreases, selvedges, specific patterns or stitches from the book, problem solving etc. Then we will make a start on a scarf (or shawl if you prefer) using whatever Twigg stitch pattern you choose.

Skill Level Required: Intermediate - You need to have good intermediate knitting skills. Some pattern reading is useful although you do not need to work from a pattern for this class.

Homework: We will be learning to handle two yarns at the same time so try knitting with the yarn in your 'other' hand (only knit is needed with the left hand). You can choose to knit Twigg st holding both yarns in the same hand (either left or right) or one yarn in each hand.

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Masks are required in this workshop.

Materials Info

There is no material fee associated with this workshop.

Students must bring: You will need 2 colors of the same type of yarn with good contrast to tell them apart (it's best to stay away from really dark colors). Remember that Twigg stitch will make a fabric a bit thicker than knitting with a single yarn.

Sport or DK weight smooth plied yarn is the easiest to learn on and experiment with. If you are used to working with fingering weight yarn then that is also a good choice for your scarf.

To help estimate the amount to get, Twigg stitch takes a total of about 130-150% of the yarn you would need in single yarn knitting, then get half each of two colors. Needles in the recommended size for the yarn. I like metal but any kind will be fine. Bring several sizes to experiment with.

We also suggest bringing a battery operated light should you need additional lighting.


Seats Remaining 9
Workshop Fee $115.00


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