WORKSHOPS: Thurs., Oct. 19 - Sun., Oct. 22, 2023



Workshop Info

Date: Thursday, October 19, 2023
Time:9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Instructor:Jolie Elder
Intro to Versa Lace

We love lace! We love the feminine allure of lace shawls and wraps and cowls and scarves. But we do not love the wrong sides of these garments. Phooey! What’s a knitter to do? Did you know you can convert many stockinette-based lace patterns into reversible lace patterns? No, this is not double-knitting, but you should already be comfortable with 1×1 ribbing and lace knitting.

Prerequisite:  Students should already be familiar with the basic processes of knitting lace including mastery of yarn-overs, left-leaning decreases (ssk), and right-leaning decreases (k2tog).

Skill Level Required:  Intermediate

Homework:  None

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Materials Info

There is no material fee for the workshop.  Students receive a paper handout in booklet form.  This handout includes the pattern for the Juniperus ficus scarf.

Students must bring:  class yarn (worsted weight, plain, light or bright or medium color, non-splitting), needles appropriate for 1×1 ribbing in this yarn, contrasting yarn in a similar weight (one yard is fine — it is easier to learn the cast-on in two colors), removable pin to mark right side of work

Optional: chart for a lace pattern you would like to work reversibly

We also suggest bringing a battery operated light should you need additional lighting.


Seats Remaining 4
Workshop Fee $75.00


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