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The FAQ is a quick reference and will be updated as new things pop up. Review the README!



When does registration open?  

We are going to do staggered registration again this year beginning at the stroke of midnight, so…for example, to register for Thursday 10/17/24 classes, stay up late on Friday night, 7/5, and registration for Thursday will open at the stroke of midnight.  

Registration will open, tentatively, as follows:

Thursday, 10/17/24 - July 6

Friday, 10/18/24 - July 7

Saturday, 10/19/24 - July 8

Sunday, 10/20/24- July 9


I’d like to give a workshop as a surprise gift?  Can I? Absolutely!  Just click the box where it says “this is a surprise gift.”  This means that you put your email address in the field and you will be responsible for communications and e-tickets.  If you don't put your email address in that field, the surprise isn't going to be a surprise.

I’ve changed my password and still can’t get in. What do I do?  First, try copying and pasting the password into the field, but make sure there are no spaces before the first character.  If that doesn’t work, email and I’ll create a password for you.  

What is included in the registration fee?  You’ll get the workshop (obviously), a 2024 workshop pin, and e-ticket codes for Saturday and Sunday.  

Speaking of e-tickets, how do they work?  If you’re taking a workshop, you’ll get codes for Saturday AND Sunday.  E-ticket codes are emailed 2-3 weeks before workshops begin.

Do I need an e-ticket to get onto the fairgrounds?  You do not need an e-ticket for Thursday and Friday, but you will need to show your e-tickets for Saturday and Sunday workshops and shopping.

Material fees - you’ll pay the instructor directly for material fees.  There is info listed in each class description on the price of materials, what is included, and how the fee will be collected.  Each instructor has their own refund policy, so if there is any doubt, send them an email.



Please note - if you are in the process of registering and the workshop is sold out, you may get a message that you've been added to the waitlist and you'll be charged for the class.  You will not be added to a waitlist (we are working on getting rid of this glitch).  Take the workshop out of the cart to avoid being charged.

How can I get on a waitlist for a  workshop?  Email with your name, which workshop you want to take, the day (if it’s offered more than once) and an email address you monitor regularly (check spam, too).  

If a spot opens up, how will I get notified?  You’ll receive an email which will tell you how much time you have to respond before the workshop is offered to the next person on the list.  


As October draws nearer:

When can I buy day/weekend passes?  If you registered for a workshop, you do not need to buy a weekend pass - you will get an e-ticket with codes for Saturday AND Sunday which is included in the registration fee.  E-tickets are emailed 2-3 weeks before workshops begin.

If you have friends/family going with you, tickets can be purchased at the gate or pre-purchased at

Note:  We do not sell admission tickets or issue refunds for them.  Any questions should be directed to

What should I wear?  Dress in layers!  Temps vary widely on any given day in October. Mornings can be frigid and afternoons sweltering.

Do I need to bring proof of registration/payment with me?  No.  You’ll come into Building D and provide your name to check in.  

Where do I park for my workshop?  You can unload in front of Building D on Thursday and Friday, and  park in the oval on the fairgrounds (you’ll get a logistics email a few weeks before the event).  On Saturday and Sunday, you will park in any public lot (but Mulberry Street parking is the closest to Building D).

Where do I go?  Come into Building D to check in and be directed to the location of your workshop.  Building D is accessed through Building C (if it’s a warm morning, the garage doors will also be open).

Are vendors open on Thursday and Friday?  No.  Most vendors are setting up on Thursday and Friday and are not allowed to sell until Saturday morning.

What do I need to bring?  Review your workshop for info on what you should bring to each workshop.  It’s not a bad idea to have a cart with you if you need to bring a wheel or large equipment, especially on Saturday and Sunday.

How do I know if I have to do homework?  Review the workshop description.



There is NO public transportation to the Fairgrounds.

I’m taking Amtrak to Rhinecliff - how would I get to the Fairgrounds?  Plan ahead!!  Arrange for transportation ahead of time.  There is NO public transportation to the Fairgrounds.

Are there taxis/Ubers/Lyfts available?  There are, but make a plan and check beforehand. 

Can I walk to the Fairgrounds from Amtrak’s Rhinecliff station?  It's not a great idea - you probably could, but it’s a hike on what can be a busy two lane road.



When are e-tickets mailed?  They are emailed about two to three weeks before workshops begin.  Most people have no issue printing or downloading the codes to their phone, but we'll include a how-to video for those who need a bit of help.  We suggest printing/downloading as soon as you get them.

Email for assistance.  If you wait until the last minute for help and then buy a pass at the gate or, it will not be refunded.


Refund/Transfer/Selling/Oops! Policy

I registered for a workshop and now have to cancel.  Can I get a refund?  We will refund your registration fee, minus a $25 cancellation fee up until 9/17/24.  After that, a 50% refund will be issued through 10/2/2024.  No refunds will be issued after 10/3/24.

I can’t come for my scheduled class so I want to give it to a friend.  How would I do that?  Email and provide the contact info for the person taking over (name, email, contact number) and you’ll be invoiced $10 to complete the transfer.  If you’ve already received the e-ticket codes, share them with the person or they will have to purchase a pass at the gate or from

I decided to take another class - can I transfer my registration?  Yes, as long as it’s not 30 days out (10/2/24).  You’ll need to email and register for the new class.  Once that’s confirmed, you’ll receive a refund minus a $10 transfer fee.  If there is a difference in the price of the classes, you’ll receive a refund (or an invoice) for the difference 

I can’t go, I have no one to give the class to, so can I sell it?  Sure!  There is usually a thread on Ravelry (Rhinebeck!! group) or waitlists for some classes.  Email to see if there’s a waitlist.  If you find a buyer, you’ll notify workshops with the buyer’s contact info and pay the $10 transfer fee.  The workshop manager will not communicate with the buyer until the seller sends notification that arrangements are complete.

I already paid for the materials - can I get a refund?  You will have to contact the instructor for their policy.  They may allow a friend to pick them up for you, arrange shipment at your expense, or provide a full/partial refund.  


Picking up pre-ordered merchandise

Where do I go to pick up pre-ordered merchandise?  If you selected “pick up at workshops or Building D,” there will be someone in Building D to assist you (usually later in the morning).



What are the food choices on Thursday and Friday? There is one food vendor, The Fairground Cafe,  open on Thursday and Friday.  The Village of Rhinebeck has food options, too.  If you have food sensitivities, you may want to pack a lunch.  

What about Saturday and Sunday?  There are multiple food vendors on the weekend, but lines can be long.  



Are there bathrooms in the workshop area?  It would be nice, but no.  The bathrooms are just a quick walk away and even though there is a line, it moves quickly.


I need to pay for my materials.  Is there an ATM available?  There are no ATMs onsite for Thursday and Friday, so you’ll have to plan ahead.  There is an ATM in Building C for Saturday and Sunday.  Check the workshop description for payment details.



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