• Leaping Llamas 2013f Alicia King
  • Leaping Llamas 2013 Alicia King
  • Leaping Llamas 2014 Garret Lown
  • Leaping Llamas 2014b Garret Lown
  • Leaping Llamas 2014c Garret Lown
  • Leaping Llamas 2014d Garret Lown

Leaping Llamas

Leaping Lama Contest (Bldg. 34) - Sunday Only

Come see these 6 foot lamas challenge each other and defy gravity! Who will leap the highest? Who will take home the first place ribbon? You can not miss this example of sportsmanship!

Llama Parade
A long time favorite activity is the Sunday morning Llama Parade just before the Leaping Llama contest!
Exotic Fiber Animals Barn
Barn 27 at the top of 4-H hill is a unique part of the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival.

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