• Leaping Llamas 2013f Alicia King
  • Leaping Llamas 2013 Alicia King
  • Leaping Llamas 2014 Garret Lown
  • Leaping Llamas 2014b Garret Lown
  • Leaping Llamas 2014c Garret Lown
  • Leaping Llamas 2014d Garret Lown

Leaping Llamas

Leaping Lama Contest (Bldg. 34) - Sunday Only

Come see these 6 foot lamas challenge each other and defy gravity! Who will leap the highest? Who will take home the first place ribbon? You cannot miss this example of sportsmanship!

Llama Parade
A long time favorite activity is the Sunday morning Llama Parade just before the Leaping Llama contest!
Camelid Fiber Animals Barn

Barn 27 at the top of 4-H hill is a unique part of the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival.

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