• Cosette Veeder-Shave 2015 Wool Ambassador
  • Wool Ambassadors 2013

Hello, my name is Cosette Veeder-Shave. I am thirteen years old and entering eighth grade at Saint Mary’s in Wappinger Falls. I am pleased to serve as the Wool Ambassador for 2015 .I was the runner up in 2014. I raise Corridale sheep on Patchwork Pastures Farm in Hyde Park. Corridale is a dual breed, but my family raises ours for wool. I have been raising sheep since I was six. In the last couple of years, I have really started to understand how to show and fit sheep properly.

I like to sew using wool to help promote the use of wool in clothes. I participate in New York State Make It with Wool competition at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival and Lead Line at the Dutchess County Fair each year. One of my goals when I wear clothes I have made is to show people that wool can be fashionable and beautiful and isn’t necessarily scratchy and only in the form of a sweater made by your grandma. I also knit with the yarn my family has made, needle felt and wet felt.

I had spinal Surgery June 10 2013 and after the surgery I spent a week in the Pediatric intensive care unit at Albany medical center. I had so many great nurses and I told them about all my sheep at home and how I couldn’t wait to see them again particularly my first bottle baby ever-Calliope. From Calliope, I learned just how much sheep depend on the caregiver for their well being much like I depended on my nurses at the hospital. While I was there, a student nurse had been making pillowcases for the floor but she would be moving to a new hospital soon. For some reason, that fact stuck in my head and I thought, I will take up that tradition after this is all over. Unfortunately, I was not allowed even near the barn for a month so I spent that time sewing pillowcases. Every time I bring a new batch for them, they ask me how I’m doing then how my sheep are.

I attended the sheep symposium in October and the Northeast Youth sheep Show in July. I have gotten to do some fun things this past year as the runner up. I visited Anchorage Farm and Point of View Farm where I helped out with the Yarn Crawl. I got to learn about two different wool breeds from these farmers, Romneys and Finnsheep. At the 2014 Dutchess County Fair, I walked around the sheep barn to talk to people about growing up raising sheep and let them pet Violet, my bottle baby lamb this year. I also handed out ribbons for the shows when I wasn’t showing. I answered many questions about sheep and the properties and usage of wool. On entry-receiving day, I help out in the E building for the needlework and stitchery department checking people in as they hand in their items for the fair.

When I grow up, I would like to become a historical interpreter. I have a fairly strange skill set and I would want to work doing a trade, like Dressmaker or weaver. I can also work with the animals, particularly the sheep. In addition, I play the fiddle and would like to also use that as well.. A historical interpreter can weave all of these together at many of the historical sights around the country.

Next Fest: October 21-22, 2023