Sheep Exhibitors are volunteers. We're always looking for new shepherds who would like to showcase their farm and offer some animals for the exhibit. Interested? Contact Mary Stephens

2016 Volunteer Exhibitors - Thank You!

Toni Kellers, Cheviot

Marianne Dube, Coopworth

Meegan Veeder-Shave, Corriedale

Christine Crossman, Cotswold

National CVM Conservancy, CVM

Siri Swanson, Finn

American Gotland Sheep Association, Gotland

Erin Bradt, American Herdwick

Laurel Snook, Jacob

Kim Mastrianni, Leicester Longwool

Heidi Simmons, Merino

Mother Katherine, Romney

Judi Lehrhaupt, Shetland

Jessica Rugar, Shropshire

Michael and Annie Bourke, Soay

Deb Rendon,  Babydoll Southdown

Mary Stephens, Southdown

Virginia Scholomiti, Teeswater

Jewel Tunis, Tunis

Jeri Robinson-Lawrence, Wensleydale

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