Best of Show: Lorraine Taylor

Best Skein by a Novice Spinner: Christopher Virtuoso

Best Dropspindled Skein - Suzan Stapleford Award: Melanie Bilodeau-meek

Second Place, Dropspindled Skein - Jonathan and Sheila Bosworth Award: Melanie Bilodeau-meek

Best in Show Skein:  Adrianne Shtop

Best Woven Item:  Thomas Victor

Best Handspun Item: Thomas Victor

Best Knitted Item:  Karen Gypson

Best Crocheted Item: Eileen Travis

Best Felted Item:  Luanne Donnadio

Best Hooked Item:  Vivian Boyd

Best Youth Item:  Agnes Galvin

Fleece to Shawl Contest

First place: Spin City
Second place: Time Warp
Third Place: Elmendorph Guild
Fourth place: Time Warped
Best Use of Color: Time Warp
Best Use of Pattern: Spin City
Best Use of Natural Dye - Don Nervik Award : Time Warped

Next Fest: October 19-20, 2024