$25         BY – BEST YOUTH - Talia Aked

$25         BF – BEST FELTED - Melissa Aked

$25         BC – BEST CROCHET - Juanita Quinones

$25         BW – BEST WOVEN - Christine Sitterly

$25         BK – BEST KNITTED - Cathy McCabe

$25         BH – BEST HOOKED - Vivian Boyd

$25         BS – BEST SKEIN - Christine Sitterly

$25         BEST IN SHOW - Juanita Quinones


$50         C - Best Use of Color, Fleece to Shawl - Elmendorph Team

$50         P - Best Use of Pattern, Fleece to Shawl - Spin City Team


Award given by Ulster Guild:  Best Handspun, Handmade Article:  Sandra Slesinski

Awards given by Elmendorph Guild:

                Best Skein spun by a new spinner (less than 1 year):  Rory Aked

                Best Skein spun on a dropspindle (Suzan Stapleford Award):  Melanie Bilodeau-Meek

                Best Skein:  Christine Sitterly

Award given by Bosworth Spindles for second place dropspindled skein:  Melanie Bilodeau-Meek

Award given by the Friends of Donald Nervik for Best Use of Natural Dye, Fleece to Shawl contest:

Red Hook Spinners


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