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Page Last Updated: 25-Sep-23

Tips and Tricks for Making Vendor Picks

  • In the search menu on the right side, type in your own keywords to search specific products by name or type from Vendor descriptions, Workshops or other events. For example "lace" shows vendors and workshops with that word. SCROLL the entire page of results to get to the results in Events.
  • Search for "New in 2023" or "FOOD" and you'll find those words in the Vendor Titles and/or Descriptions. Success depends also on how clever the vendors are in their keywords added in their descriptions... Pelt has different results than sheepskin, for example.
  • Most food vendors are not listed here. Check out the Food Sheet Bldg E's long list of Specialty Food Vendors 
  • "Self-raised" is our keyword to describe vendors who raise their own fiber from their own animals, so you can easily find the family farms. 
  • "Complete Farm Product" means the fiber was raised, spun and made into whatever product, all without leaving the farm. Is your vendor listing missing from this list? Contact us.
  • ALSO, try this unpublished link to see an alpha list of Vendors with Descriptions on same page. Easier to print and CTRL-F to Find keywords. Note it's paginated, so scroll to the bottom to see more. https://2023nystatesheepandwoolfest.sched.com/directory/exhibitors/descriptions
  • Vendor List sorted Alpha by Vendor and By Building (Google Sheets)
  • Data is updated frequently. We will tweet an announcement when we're finished updating Vendor listings, or adding new schedule items.
    Option A provides Vendor descriptions listed to print as web pages, but you need to paginate at the bottom of the 3 web pages to print the complete list, print pg 1, scroll to bottom and click 2, print page 2, scroll and click 3 and print page 3

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