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Crochet Contest

Page Last Updated: 15-Sep-21

What You Will See

People race to crochet the most stitches in 10 minutes.  Limited to 30 contestants.


$15.00 - First Place
$12.00 - Second Place
$10.00 - Third Place
$8.00 - Fourth Place
$6.00 - Fifth Place


PRE-REG PREFERRED CONTEST - Walk-ins welcome!  Limited to 30 contestants.
Dept. 110 Class 056

  1. Contestants will be provided with worsted weight wool yarn.
  2. Contestants will be provided with a crochet hook.
  3. Before timing begins, contestants will chain first twenty stitches on a crochet hook.
  4. Crocheters will crochet for 10 minutes.
  5. When time is up, the swatch will be judged and measured by the stitches crocheted..
  6. Judges decision is final.
  7. No entry fee.
  8. Entries close at the start of the competition.