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Fiber Arts Contests

Page Last Updated: 12-Jun-24

CLICK the links below to read each contest's complete Rules and see all available categories.

  1. Start your projects EARLY and submit your best work by the deadline.

  2. Register your entries starting on Sept. 10, 2024 using the Blue Ribbon Online Registration system.

    Fleece to Shawl Captains should register their team online by team name.
    Due to space considerations, only FIVE (5) teams will be accepted, on a first-come, first-served basis. Please wait for a confirmation email from the Fiber Contest Chairperson verifying that your team has been accepted.

  3. Mail in your items for judging to:
    NYS Sheep and Wool Festival
    Fiber Contests c/o Claire Houlihan
    92 Bonnie Way
    Allendale, NJ 07401

    e-mail questions: fibercontests@sheepandwool.com


The 2024 Fiber Arts Contests featured fleece will be Romney and the Fiber Contests "Item of the year" will be Cowls.  This all makes sense when you read the Official Contest Rules, Terms and Conditions. 

Are you 16 yrs old or younger on Oct. 18, 2024. Youth Skein Contests - Youth Handmade Item Contests - Youth Spinning Wheel Contest

Chop-Stick Knitting Contest

Walk In's Welcome. No Pre-registration required.  Limited to 30 contestants.

People knit as much as they can, as fast as they can, in 10 minutes - using chopsticks. It's a hoot

Crochet Contest

People race to crochet the most stitches in 10 minutes.  Limited to 30 contestants.

Drop Spindle Spinning Contest

Spinners will spin for 10 minutes. When time is up, the spun yarn will be skeined, measured and judged.  Limited to 30 contestants.

Fleece to Shawl Competition

Competing teams make a shawl step by step: starting with washed fleece, to hand carding, to spinning, to weaving, to finishing ends... It's a jam-packed demonstration of classic textile production!
Registration coming soon!


Handmade Item Competition

Displays of pre-judged works. Read the Rules and start working on your items now to submit your best work for competition. Youth Competitions! 16 yrs old and younger.

Skein Competition

Displays of pre-judged works. Read the Rules and start working on your items now to submit your best work for competition.

Spinning Wheel Contest

A race to spin the longest, best skein of yarn! Adult and Youth divisions.  Limited to 30 contestants.

How to Enter Fiber Contests

Read the rules to the contests. Start your projects early. Register online after the Blue Ribbon link becomes live. Submit your best work. Encourage your friends, family, guilds, to submit items. Click to read the Guide to using Blue Ribbon. Create Your Fiber Arts Contest Entries using Blue Ribbon Fair Management's online registration system starting TUESDAY, SEPT. 10, 2024.

Next Fest: October 19-20, 2024