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Fleece to Shawl Competition

Page Last Updated: 12-Jun-24

What You Will See

Competing teams make a shawl step by step: starting with washed fleece, to hand carding, to spinning, to weaving, to finishing ends... It's a jam-packed demonstration of classic textile production!
Registration coming soon!



$500.00 - First Place
$300.00 - Second Place
$200.00 - Third place
$100.00 - Fourth Place
$100.00 - Fifth Place


Award for Best use of Natural Dye

This award is dedicated to the loving memory of Don Nervik. Don was a volunteer during the Festival and at the Dutchess County Fair Wool Workroom. He passed away January 20, 2012.

Don was an avid spinner and weaver with a passion for using natural dyes for wool. Also a Master Gardener through the Cornell program, he was particularly fond of Indigo, which he grew in his garden. Participating in fleece to shawl competitions was something he especially liked to do with the team from the Elmendorph Guild. He will be missed by all who delighted from a hand processing or weaving demo given by Don and all who knew him.

The Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Growers Association is proud to sponsor this award to the team demonstrating the Best use of Natural Dye in the warp, weft or both, of their shawl. 

Don Nervick
Don Nervick


  1. Registration and entry fee of $25.00 per team must be paid online through Blue Ribbon, first come, first served. Space is limited to the first five (5) teams registering. 
  2. Each team will consist of 1 weaver, 3 spinners and 1 announcer. The announcer will be assigned one 15 minute time slot to speak to the public regarding their team history, what the team is doing and answer questions. When not announcing they may help their fellow team members and be available for individual public questions.
  3. Each team will supply all its own equipment (ie. Spinning wheels, pre-warped loom, shuttles, bobbin winder, hand cards or flickers).
  4. No drum carders, pickers or electric/battery-powered equipment.
  5. Warp yarns and spinning fiber must be 100% sheeps wool. Handspun weft will not exceed 3 times diameter of warp.
  6. Pre-warp loom (may be handspun or commercial, dyed or natural) at no fewer than 8 ends per inch.
  7. Each team will start with raw fiber which may be washed but in obvious lock formation.
  8. All equipment must arrive between 8:00am and 9:00am, and be set up by 9:30am.
  9. Nothing can be added once the contest begins. Only team members will be permitted in the work area. Team members may not leave the work area during the competition unless given permission by the judge.
  10. The competition will begin at 10:00am and will end at 1:00pm. Any shawl not off the loom and completed by 1:00pm will not be eligible for ribbons or prize money.
  11. The completed shawl must be a minimum of 18 inches wide and 72 inches long, excluding optional fringe. Points will be deducted for shawl being shorter or narrower.
  12. Teams will be based on the following 100 point criteria:
    1. Team display
      1. Team Sign (5 points)
      2. Team Attire (5 points)
    2. Announcer
      1. Knowledge of presentation (10 points)
      2. Oral Presentation (5 points)
    3. Fleece
      1. Choice and Preparation (10 points)
      2. Dyed Warp and/or Weft (5 points)
    4. Spinning
      1. Uniform Preparation (5 points)
      2. Overall Uniformity (5 points)
    5. Weaving
      1. Design (10 points)
      2. Straightness of Edges (5 points)
      3. Evenness of Edges (5 points)
      4. Evenness of Beating (5 points)
      5. Handspun Warp (10 points)
    6. Time
      1. First Finished (10 points)
      2. Second Finished (5 points)
    7. Point Deduction
      1. Less than 72 inches long (25 points DEDUCTED)
      2. Less than 18 inches wide (25 points DEDUCTED)
    8. Bonus Points
      1. Team Spirit and Effort (5 BONUS points)
      2. Fringe (5 BONUS points)
      3. Use of featured fleece:  Natural Colored Fleece for both warp and weft (10 BONUS points).
  13. Bring proof of featured breed; i.e. bill of sale from farm or shop where you purchased the fiber or yarn.  A label, letter, or email from farm or shop also acceptable.


Deadline to Enter: October 1, 2023
Department 110, Class 052

Fleece to Shawl Captains to should register themselves & the team name and pay online with Blue Ribbon, and then REGISTER THE TEAM MEMBERS NAMES WITH THIS ONLINE GOOGLE FORM

Next Fest: October 19-20, 2024