As in the past, last year’s exhibitors are being given priority for reservations made by June 1, 2019 in order to guarantee space in the barn.

Each exhibitor will be assigned two stalls in the barn. One stall must contain animals and the other MUST contain an Educational Display.

There is no charge for a farm exhibit or bedding. Please remember that vending in no longer permitted in the barn. Anyone vending from their stall will be asked to leave immediately.

The entire barn will be for educational, farm and animal exhibits only. In past years, the exhibit expectations/rules may have been confusing so to be clear,

Here’s what we’re looking for in your exhibit:

  • Bring animals representative of those found on your farm
  • Devise and display educational materials depicting how those animals are cared for and how they are included in your farming practices. This may include but not be limited to: use of fiber, use of meat, use of animals as livestock guardians, companion livestock, llama trekking, animal husbandry practices used for the care of your animals or anything else unique that is done on your farm with your animals and/or with their fiber. Maybe your farm is an educational destination, do you offer tours to groups, do you mentor new farmers, do you have an internship program?
  • You may display items REPRESENTATIVE of the products made from your animals fiber, such as a skein of yarn or a hat or mittens, maybe a scarf or a shawl or a blanket. A fleece to show the public what a typical shearing produces, and maybe small handfuls of the many different colors of fleece those breeds or species can produce.
  • We cannot allow any form or stage of the selling of products within these exhibit spaces. These spaces are not intended to be used as marketing tools to direct Festival participants to a retail space at the Festival.
  • The items displayed in the exhibit MAY NOT HAVE PRICE TAGS.
  • It is certainly permitted to have a small sign telling people where they may purchase your products.

As in the past, we will continue holding our Llama/Alpaca/Fiber Goat Parades on Saturday and Sunday, our 30 minute free demonstrations throughout the weekend and our Big Event - the LEAPING LLAMA/Alpaca/Fiber Goat contest on Sunday!

Looking forward to another great year in Barn 27!

The Festival Committee and DCSWGA appreciates your participation in the show!

Download Registration Form

Remember, stalls will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. All 2018 exhibitors will receive priority consideration until June 1, 2019. After that date stalls will be assigned, on a first-come first-served basis, to all who request them until the barn is filled.

We will again be adhering to our policy of allocating 50% of stall space to llamas and 50% to alpacas. Some stalls at the end of the barn will be allocated to the cashmere and pygora goat displays. Please complete and return the attached application no later than June 1, 2019 for guaranteed stall space for the 2019 festival.

You can email the application to or

Mail completed form to:

Andrea Parent-Tibbetts
Clover Brooke Farm                                                                                                                                                                            175 Ruskey Lane                                                                                                                                                                               Hyde Park, NY  12538

Health Requirements (NY State)

This year’s requirements are the same as last and are based on the NYS Ag & Market rules. All exhibitors are required to have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection with each animal identified. PLEASE BRING TWO COPIES of your CVI. One to give to me and one for yourself. Camelids will need proof of a BVD negative test result. Goats will need to meet the federal scrapie’s id requirements.  A technician will be around to check that these requirements are met. Please speak with your veterinarian if you are traveling from out of state. Again, please have two copies of the CVI: one for your records and one to give to us when you check in for our records.

Farm Profile and Emergency Information

These documents need to be completed by each farm and returned 10/10/18. It makes paperwork a lot easier when everyone completes them and returns them to me via email as soon as possible. The Farm Profile will be read as you enter the barn for the Leaping Llama Contest to introduce your farm. The second file is your emergency contact, which will be used in the event of an emergency DURING the event and we need to contact you.

Safety Guidelines for Exhibitors in Barn 27

Follow these saftey guideline to protect yourself, your animials and festival visitors.

Next Fest: October 21-22, 2023