1. Be sure your animal has hay and fresh water at all times.
  2. Place a clip on the gate latch or tie your gate doors closed with a lead rope.
  3. Never remove your animal from its stall when the Isle is completely crowded with spectators.
  4. Be sure that there is at least HALF the Isle space available when removing your animal.
    1. Once removed from its stall immediately close your stall gate and walk your animal out of the barn. Do not linger in the Isle with your animal.
  5. If you are walking your animal for exercise please do so before or after festival hours. Please only walk them on 4-H hill. Do not take them down to the food court.
  6. During festival hours when displaying your animal outside the barn, please
    1. Try to position your Llama/Alpaca so that their hind end is protected by a structure, tree, an assistant, etc – preventing guests from walking or standing directly behind them

    2. Please only allow approximately 4-5 people to interact with them at a time. Ask others kindly to not crowd the animal. 

    3. If it is extremely crowded return your animal to its stall or have another person available to help you.

    4. When interacting please be sure to ask guest to touch the animals on their sides or neck – not the top of their head, legs or hind end.

    5. Instruct guests that alpacas/llamas can kick so please do not stand or pet the animal from behind.

  7. In the event there is an emergency/accident please contact the Barn Manager and Festival Office immediately.
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